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PI Vision Custom Symbols & Angularjs

Question asked by eradwan on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2017 by eradwan

Hi There,

Is it ok while creating a CS to create an Angular Module and Controller as in this example:


var app = angular.module("demo-app", ['ngPIWebApi']); (piwebapi) {
piwebapi.ConfigureInstance("", true); });

app.controller("mainCtrl", function ($scope, piwebapi) {



I'm asking because in all CS by the community used to start from the scope directly and I thought it must be like this. Even the mentioned example from Github is presented in a different way in this article:


I'm trying to add a Kendo UI Grid to my CS and I find the first method above - creating Module & Controller - more convenient as I can imitate the examples from Telerik, while without them its really annoying to where to plug the code among the different files.