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    Sum of Tag values in Processbook


      I have a question which I thought was elementary.


      A tag has values every now and then (say every day, but incidentally two values on the same day and some days without values). 


      I need to know the sum of these values from a given time untill now in Processbook, without ODBC or PI Totalizer, ACE, VBA or Datalink. Can I do this with PI Calculation?


      I tried TagMean*EventCount, but I have a hard time getting the correct answer.


      Anyone tried this?


      Best regards,


      Torbjørn Sigurdsen

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          I would have thought that TagMean * EventCount using PI Calculation would have given you what you want. Can you share a bit more of your PI Calculation configuration and how you are attempting to verify the result? 

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              Well, that was what I thought as well. I created a new tag and set it up with 2 values: 10 and 100. I got 220 as a result. And it didn't improve with more values.


              I think it is connected to counting snapshot and substituted values as events. And substituted events is potentially a problem for me.


              The PI Calculation was something like this TagMean('<tagname>','01-jan','*') * EventCount('<tagname>','01-jan','*').

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                  I see - there is an issue with EventCount. Eventcount does return 1 or 2 values more as expected in certain circumstances. You may contact techsupport to open a call for this. The issue you are experiencing is listed as 17126OSI8. By taking this to techsupport you will get notified if this issue gets fixed.