PISDK 2010 R2 (PISDK 1.4) and PI SMT compatibility issue

Discussion created by MvanderVeeken Employee on Dec 13, 2011

As more and more people are adopting PISDK 1.4 the following issue could be encountered.


After installing PISDK 2010 R2 (synonym for PISDK 1.4) your PI SMT installation might stop working properly. This is mentioned in the Release Notes. This only applies to PI SMT versions before PI SMT 2010 SP 1. You can solve this issue by upgrading to PI SMT 2010 SP 1 (available in the Download Center).


Compatibility issue description:

  • PI SMT or Collective Manager (version 3.3) shows an error during startup,
    "Unable to load missing assemblies: OSIsoft.PISDK, Version="
    This may be resolved by upgrading to PI SMT (2010 SP1) or later, or installing the PI SDK interops from PIHOME\pisdk\Interops1300 into the GAC. Installation may be accomplished by drag and drop of all three assemblies into the Windows\assembly folder (use the gacutil /if OSIsoft.PISDK.dll command to force installation if drag and drop does not succeed).
  • PI SMT version 3.2 is incompatible with PI SDK 2010 R2 (version 1.4). PI SMT shows an error that it requires at least PI SDK, though PI SDK 1.4.0 is installed. PI SMT must be upgraded to resolve this issue.