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Collection Breaks Until Metadata Received Upon Forced Update

Question asked by NyameyeO on Oct 12, 2017
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As a follow up to this question :…


I implemented the button as per the the above link, however I have noticed some curious behaviour. When there are multiple of these collections on the display, and I click the button, only the most recently added collection will properly update, the other n amount of symbols will fail to load for a matter of seconds, presumably until meta data is received as it takes roughly a minute.


If I manually enter edit mode by right-clicking, formatting the symbol, changing the checkbox which is assigned to the boolean flag, and exiting edit mode manually, all visually through PI Vision, this problem does not occur. Should I be using some sort of requestUpdate method before scope.$emit('escape')?


All the button does is loop through the Symbols Collection > find the collection > enterEditSelectedSymbol on the collection > change the StencilSymbols.Configuration variable to be true or false > and finally exit edit mode with scope.$emit('escape').


I cannot understand what could cause this when manually changing does not, unless something about the StencilSymbols is config is different from a standalone symbols, or meta data works different when there are multiple collection in the display.


Thanks in advance for any help given!


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