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    PI Vision - Hide symbols with no data




      Is there any possible way that you can change the symbol source code, so that only when the attribute/tag data is more than 0, then the symbol will show up ?

      Thanks !

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          Roger Palmen

          One way could be to look into the Asset Collections functionality, which can include (or exclude) the items in a collection based on the data. E.g. showing only a gauge for those pumps that are running.

          Using custom symbols, you can do this using e.g. the ng-hide directive in your template.html

          Of course you could hack the stock symbols, but i would not recommend that

          You could get creative with multi-states, adding a multi-state to a rectangle placed over the symbol, which is transparent when there is a value, or opaque when there is no value. But that is quite messy to maintain.

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              I am aware of the collection function, but it seems like it is not suitable for this case. I have a template with 11 attributes, but not all elements with this template will use all 11 of those attributes, some using 4 of 11, some 7 of 11. I am thinking is there a way that only show those attributes with values on PI Vision, which means if I swap the asset on PI Vision, then it will update accordingly.


              Do you mind explain more on the ng-hide thing?

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              A number of our customers have expressed interest in this functionality. I would recommend voting for the feature to be added at our feeback site:


              Graphics: Make visible/invisible based on tag value


              This is our new approach to handling enhancement requests. If a suggestion receives enough votes, it will be considered for inclusion in a future release.