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How to obtain the top 5 Event Frames by # of occurences and display it in PI Vision

Question asked by Abel_PM on Oct 12, 2017
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We have event frames trapping downtime. Each event frame has an attribute that shows the root cause for that downtime. We'd like to rank the top 5 root causes based on the # of occurrences within a specific time frame and display it in PI Vision so the operators can see it on the plant floor. The table would look like something like this:


Root CauseOccurrencesDurationStation
Fault A201:00:005
Fault B101:45:002
Fault C500:30:001


I know PI Vision can display event frames in tables but it seems that there is no functionality to aggregate them such as doing counts and ranks on those objects, unless I'm missing it.


I'd appreciate any comments,




Abel  P.