UC EMEA Hackathon 2017 - Water talks (Submittion by Group ConnectPoint

Discussion created by Gregor.Biering on Oct 17, 2017

In the hackathon we wanted to show how different parts of a full connected water system for Vitens could look like. A connected system that combines realtime data, detects anomalies and provide this to the right person to enable the right action.

With the right wow effect because the system talks with you.




Live link:


Presentation: vitens/presentation.pptx at master · przxmek/vitens · GitHub


For that we worked with the following technologies:


PI AssetFramework - Analysis / EventFrames

Webtechnologies PI Web API  / Vue.js + Vuestic / Chart.js / Leaflet.js + OpenStreetMaps

Data Analytics Tableau Desktop / Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio / SQL / PI OLEDB

Extended Userexperience  Alexa / Alexa Skills Kit / AWS Lambda Function (Node.js)


All sources can be found here: GitHub - przxmek/vitens

Including videos. References for Alexa




Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio Links:

Correlation Matrix | Cortana Intelligence Gallery

Time Series Forecasting | Cortana Intelligence Gallery

Correlation Matrix | Cortana Intelligence Gallery



New Alexa Skills Kit Template: Build a Trivia Skill in under an Hour : Alexa Blogs