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    No more ISO?


      I found the post from October, 2010.  I don't remember it when it came out.


      I run two HA servers in a collective on two virtual machines on the same host.  I set these up just a few months ago


      It was nice to have one file I could point my virutal CD drive at and build both servers.


      I understand that, if the cost is extensive, then it may not be worth it to provide this option.  There is always a way to work around a limitation.  The October post asked how many people would miss it.  It looks like about 22% preferred.  There was no reasoning given for dropping this option.


      Is there any chance there will be a new release of the ISO?



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          I believe you are refering to [DEAD LINK] this poll.


          Yes, we did drop the vCampus DVD in favor of separate downloads. I think it has two major reasons

          • A majority of the community voted for seperate downloads
          • Seperate downloads tend to be better manageable, especially when dealing with multiple products.

          But, if there is renewed interest or demand for the DVD it is certainly worth discussing!


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              Ahmad Fattahi

              As Michael pointed out, there was huge issues with manageability. Also, the Microsoft package that handled the packaging job for us was suffering a bug which caused us lots of trouble when the pieces inside the package exceeded 12! With the rate of new products releases we found ourselves in this constant mode of catch up with some good amount of delay.


              Another important point was that the size of the package was too big to download for a significant portion of the community making it quite unusable.