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Macro to link Element Relatives to button in Processbook PIW files.

Question asked by MPCPRO on Oct 16, 2017



Have been told to make buttons for a list of Element Relatives in a PIW file. So the user can easily switch between elements by using the buttons instead of using the Element Relative Display window in Processbook. I am not quite sure how to do this and was wondering if anyone is able to help.

We had a visual basic code to link buttons to relative displays, but this does not work: (I'm pretty sure its because its made for PDIs and not PIWs and throws out Run-time errors and automation errors when I click on the test button I made. 





Sub GoTo_WellP1()     ' Open that display    GoToDisplay "PI Processbook HTM.piw!Single well annulus", "\\Operation Harry\Harry AF Tool\Harry Subsea Wells\P-1"   End Sub         'Function for setting context on given display Function GoToDisplay(pdi As String, ctxt As String)       Dim strCurrentPath As String     Dim PBDisplay As PBObjLib.Display               strCurrentPath = Left(ThisDisplay.Path, (InStrRev(ThisDisplay.Path, "\")))     strCurrentPath = strCurrentPath & pdi     Set PBDisplay = Application.Displays.Open(strCurrentPath, True)     Application.ContextHandlers("E").CurrentContext(PBDisplay) = ctxt          Application.DockWindows.Item("Element Relative Display").Visible = False      End Function   Private Sub CleanBadData()       Dim vrDate As Variant     Dim vrStatus As Variant     Dim vrVal As Variant     Dim oVal As Symbol       For Each oVal In ThisDisplay.Symbols         If oVal.Type = pbSYMBOLTYPE.pbSymbolValue Then                      vrVal = oVal.GetValue(vrDate, vrStatus)             If vrStatus = 247 Then                 oVal.Visible = False             Else                 oVal.Visible = True                          End If         End If     Next oVal   End Sub


Anyone able to help ?