AF 2.4 ExportXML problem

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Dec 13, 2011
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Ran into an issue with AF 2010 R3 (AF 2.4) and one of the PISystem.ExportXML methods.  It seems the method as coded, which worked fine for AF 2.3, will export all library objects just fine but not export my elements in AF 2.4.  I also checked and saw that the PIExportMode enumeration has 2 new members:




First question I would have is what's up with these new enumeration methods?  For example, does a simplified config string for a PI Point not map to a server GUID and TagID, but rather use just a server+tagname?  Does it affect other data references?


Second question is: How I can export my entire database, which includes all library objects, the UOM Database, and the elements?  A snipped of VB code I used in 2.3 was:


     PIExportMode.Library + PIExportMode.NoUniqueID + PIExportMode.Security + PIExportMode
AFTime.MinValue, AFTime.NowInWholeSeconds, MyExportHandler)


And yes, the event handler and the file associated with the MyFileName string are all OK. 


Thanks in advance.


PS - I did try checking the AFSDK help but it had no change from 2.3, so I could not find any information about the changed enumeration.