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Efficient way to configure email subscriptions that vary based on criteria

Question asked by dave.johnson on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2017 by dave.johnson

We're running PI AF 2016 R2 and using Notifications to send an email to a single email address that varies depending on the area within our facility and depending on a custom category that reflects the severity of the alarm exceedance.  Is there an elegant way of using, for example, substitution syntax so we can group all of the entities under a parent to dynamically configure the subscriptions?  I'm hoping to avoid configuring and checking thousands of entities to confirm they are configured with the correct subscriptions.  Perhaps PI Builder could help, but I'm looking for something that just works without a lot of extra manual configuration required so that entities placed under a given parent would inherit the correct email subscription.  Or…perhaps someone knows of other hacks to ensure that minimal ceremony is required for the configuration of numerous subscriptions.