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Intermittent Data Archive for Value Change Event

Question asked by GanesanK on Oct 20, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by GanesanK

Hi team,

Im working on Factory Talk Historian SE, PI SMT 3.2.4 version, This is Running system since 7 years, Recently Im facing some anomalies in data archiving.


There are 10 Tags like machine Name (String), Temperature(Int), Main remarks (String), Username(String) etc..


We have a Bit(SCADA_Event_Trg) configured in PI, this bit will change from 0 to 1 whenever user wants to write the above 10 Tag values.

This bit will hold to 1 for 5 secs and becomes 0, this is configured in PLC logic to enable Event Log.


The Problem is some of the Tags are not logging on event base, this is intermittent issue, many time The User name(String) tag is missing, but i could see the timestamp created for this event with empty value.


I have checked the no. of events read and write counters are equal.

Below is the Example screen shots.


Recorded Value


What could be the wrong in my configuration? this was configured on 2010 and it was running well just 1 month back.


The recent changes that we made in PI SMT is, Added some (250 Tags) into this,


Please suggest me the correct PI Point configurations?


My Aim is to Log Some 10 Tag values whenever "xxx.Event_Trg" bit changes from 0 to 1 (value 1 will hold for 5 sec and becomes 0)


Please let me know if you need any other information to help on this issue