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PI Vision - Editing in Kiosk Mode?

Question asked by MikeRay on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by MikeRay

Hi All,


Our team is developing some PI Vision screens to display content on a video wall and as such will be running in kiosk mode,with tool and time bars hidden and the browser in full screen.


The issue we are facing is the ability to reliably and quickly get our content pushed out the the absolute edge of the screens. Using the the "FitAll" button that hovers in the bottom right of the screen seems to always leave a relatively large gap of free space on the bottom of the screen. Ideally what I would like to do is maximize our screen real-estate by loading the screen with both tool and time bars hidden, in kiosk mode AND in edit mode as well, so we can push all our content out to the edges. Is there a way to do this, say with query string parameters on the URL?