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Hidden attribute property and functionality

Question asked by Cheerion Champion on Oct 23, 2017
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I thought I was well aware about the differences between the 'hidden' and 'exclude' attribute property but somehow I've set myself different expectations to the 'hidden' attribute property.

I've defined an attribute 'Node id' which is a reference to a node number available through the link with and external SQL database. This attribute is only applicable to the AF element administrators and therefor I would like to exclude it from searches through PI Datalink and PI Processbook. I checked the 'Hidden' attribute property on element template level but still I'm able to see this attribute through PI Datalink on our AF server. Next to that, I'm still able to - for example - request the current value - see image underneath:


Honestly, nothing changed - from my point of view - since I selected the 'Hidden' attribute property.

Could someone explain me why my expected behavior (based on KB articles) is not in relation what the outcome.


Many thanks in advance...