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PIFD database with corrupted index

Question asked by SarahM on Oct 25, 2017
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Good day,


One of my servers is encountering a fatal SQL error:

"Unexpected Server Error: 'SQL Error (21) Warning: Fatal error 8646"


When I look at the Event Viewer information I see the following message:

Unable to find index entry in index ID 3, of table 519672899, in database 'PIFD'. The indicated index is corrupt or there is a problem with the current update plan. Run DBCC CHECKDB or DBCC CHECKTABLE. If the problem persists, contact product support.


Check DB didn't produce any errors:
CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 0 consistency errors in database 'mssqlsystemresource'


I've turned on the SQL Server Agent and have started the OSISoft AF Maintenance(PIFD) job which has been running for nearly 24 hours. I've since stopped it but it hadn't generated any errors. I'm still experiencing the issue.


Does anyone have any suggestions?