Using Existing Processbook Displays with a different server

Discussion created by mikeloria on Dec 17, 2011
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I am experiencing an issue with PI displays that were created on a different server than what I am trying to use them on. We had 4 separate PI servers at my facility for several years and we recently just consolidated the servers into a single HA collective. We have many existing Processbook displays that are targeted these servers that have been replaced. I imported all of the points out of the 4 servers and exported them into the new server so the PI Tag name is the same but the Tag ID has changed. I found that if I use aliases for the new collective, I can get most of the displays to work. Having said this, when I first remove the old connections on a computer, add the new one, and add the aliases, I am experiencing a strange behavior. The display will sometimes bring up data unrelated to the actual PIpoint in the trend. I believe that the display must be using the point ID which is now different instead of the tag name. I have kept the PI point name the same but the ID had changed since I merged all the points onto a new server.


I believe what is happening is that the computer that I make the server change to is somehow caching the Point ID. Can some please confirm that this is the case and it is only temporary? I am hoping that a simple reboot will flush the cache and the display will resolve the IDs. I need to ensure that the IDs are not persistent as this could be very serious if someone pulls up data believing that the data is for one tag but is actually coming from another.


If you have any suggestions for what I am trying to accomplish than please provide. The only other thing I can think of is to go through and recreate the displays which is tons and tons of work that doe snot provide value.


Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.