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PI Integrator for BA Info

Question asked by ErnyC on Oct 26, 2017
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Good morning

I need some details on PI Integrator for Business Analytic.

Here our requirements:


1) we need to publish some PI System data to SQL server database on company intranet . This SQL database, will be exposed to Power BI users using Microsoft Power BI Gatway.

2) Intranet user will use Power BI desktop, Power BI web.

3) Mobile users will use Power BI mobile App. (All mobile devices are registered on company Azure platform)


So the question: Is PI Integrator the solution?

I know there are two version of PI integrator fo BA: Business Edition and Data warehouse.


Business Edition is only able to publish PI Views and all clients need to install PI ODBC Driver. will this version work on mobile devices wiht Power BI Mobile app?

Data Warehouse edition is able to publish PI System data to SQL Server database and users do not need to install PI ODBC driver.