Problem with Creating and Updating Eventframes via the SDK

Discussion created by aldorexbraam on Dec 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2012 by cnelson

Hi we are experiencing a nasty problem at one of our sites in the fact our application bombs ouut on the creation/updating of eventframes. 


First we thought it was something to do with the eventframe template or permissions, but both options were  ruled out by creating the EF via the AF explorer client using the same user identity. 


Strange thing in looking at the stacktrace that AF seems to want to delete the object first.


I was hoping someone would recognize the stacktrace that we got 




'WELLABC_2011-12-19T17:40:44' has been deleted.


    at OSIsoft.AF.AFObject.CheckDeleted() in c:\Dev\AF\AF 2.3\Sources\SDK\AFObject.cs:line 2070


    at OSIsoft.AF.Support.AFTransactable.LoadHeader(Boolean checkDeleted) in c:\Dev\AF\AF 2.3\Sources\SDK\Support\AFTransactable.cs:line 1170




    at OSIsoft.AF.EventFrame.AFEventFrame.LoadHeader(Boolean checkDeleted) in c:\Dev\AF\AF 2.3\Sources\SDK\EventFrame\AFEventFrame.cs:line 487




    at OSIsoft.AF.EventFrame.AFEventFrame.get_StartTime() in c:\Dev\AF\AF 2.3\Sources\SDK\EventFrame\AFEventFrame.cs:line at Magion.Universe.Blocks.KPI.UnderProduction.Execute()