Is there any way to programatically create and plot - PI calculation data set into PB trend?

Discussion created by tambijagdish on Dec 21, 2011
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I am trying to plot a PI calculation data set into ProcessBook trend programatically, but it is not plotting the expression result. Below is the snippet of the code,


Dim MyDatasets As Datasets                                                      ‘Declaring a datasets object


Dim MyDataset As PIExpressionDataset                                ‘PI calculation dataset object


Dim MyColumn As String                                                              ‘String object to hold the column value


Dim MyPlaceHolders As Placeholders                                    


Dim MyPlaceHolder As Placeholder


Dim MyDataPoints As DataPoints


Dim MyDataPoint As DataPoint






Set MyDatasets = ThisDisplay.Datasets                                  ‘setting the dataset of the current display to the declared dataset object


Set MyDataset = MyDatasets.Add("NewCalcDataSet", Nothing, True, 1, True, pbDatasetPIExpression)                  ‘definition of the dataset


Set MyDataset = MyDatasets.GetDataset("NewCalcDataSet")                                   ‘Getting the reference of newly created dataset






MyDataset.ServerName = "OMSWT05"                 ‘Assigning the server name OMSWT05 is the server name in this case


MyDataset.Expression = "'sinusoid'*2"                  ‘Defining the expression


MyDataset.RefreshInterval = 3600


MyDataset.ColumnName = "Value"                        setting the column to the value type


MyDataset.Interval = "10m"




MyDatasets.SetDataset MyDataset                         ‘Setting newly created data set to the datasets object




MyColumn = MyDataset.ColumnName                 ‘Assigning column of dataset to Mycolumn object




Set MyPlaceHolders = MyDataset.Placeholders




Set MyPlaceHolder = MyPlaceHolders.Item(1)  


MyPlaceholder.SetValue("Value1", pbcPlaceholderText)




Trend1.AddTrace (MyColumn)                                  ‘Adding the dataset column as trace


Trend1.CurrentTrace = "MyTrace"




Set MyDataPoint = Trend1.DataPoint


Set MyPlaceHolders = MyDataPoint.Placeholders


Set MyPlaceHolder = MyPlaceHolders.Item(1)


MyPlaceHolder.Value = "NewValue"