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PI client connections via a netscaler

Question asked by RalphKouwenhoven on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by gachen

Within our environment we have two domains, one domain for the users (laptops and desktops with processbook and datalink) and one domain for the servers (for example the PI UDS and PI AF).

'Between' the domains we have an DMZ. The idea of the DMZ is that a connection from one domain to the other must 'make a step' in the DMZ.

An idea we now have is to use the Citrix netscalers to provision the connection for the users to the PI UDS.

We have this working for a test user by changing the network node/name/path to the netscaler hostname.

The 'problem' we have now is that the WIS (Windows Integrated Security) doesn't work, because we think that the PI UDS needs connection to the domain controller in the domain of the user.


Have someone any experience with using Citrix netscalers between client tools (processbook and datalink) and the PI UDS and does it work well?

Does anyone have an idea how we can make the WIS work?


See below an image of the situation.

Thanks in advance.