Get Snapshots/sec for Each Point Source (Programmatically or via Perfmon)

Discussion created by s199146 on Dec 21, 2011
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I often monitor my collectives by comparing the snapshots/sec going to primary versus secondary server. Sometimes, there is a small discrepancy (even after averaging for 5 or 10 minutes). I then use PI-SMT to check for current values for each point source (primary and secondary), so I can find out the offending interfaces.


It would be handy to have a way (via SDK programming or by creating a perfmon tag) that would give me not only the overall snapshots/sec, but also the number of snapshots/sec separated by point source and interface ID combination. That would make it easier to track/monitor the data flow per interface node (some plants may have several interfaces on different machines).


So, my question is... Is there a way to create a custom performance counter that filters by point source/ID? I am looking for any programming reference to the properties/events/methods that can allow me to accomplish that task, if possible.