PI ACE Values

Discussion created by Mindtree on Dec 22, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2011 by andreas
Hi, We are using PI ACE for doing certain calculaitons, where in we have 6 inputs and 1 output. when I try to use the test function of PI ACE Wizard and click on the Get Current Values button I am getting a different value than the ones on the server. We are use Alias mapping for PI Points, my current value on the server for one of the PI Point is 999 but PI ACE Test wizard shows it as 10.85203, for another point I manually edited the new value to 550 and PI ACE Wizard displayed it as 526.7516. This behaviour is observerd in writing the value to the Output point also. We are using the following version PI ACE 2010 R2 PI Server 2010 SP1 PI SDK Thanks & Regards Raghavendra