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Show the PIVision toolbar after using hidetoolbar URL parameter?

Question asked by Asle Frantzen Champion on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by gmichaud-verreault


I've created a few displays as part of an application I've made for a customer, where a lot of rollups are used in the 5-6 levels in the AF hierarchy. I've designed one display for each level, and each display is using an attribute from the currently selected asset + a collection of the same attributes from the child level. There seems to be a bug in PI Vision when using the "Switch asset" functionality, so only the attribute from the currently selected asset is updated - not the collection of child elements. As part of debugging this I found that using URL parameters my display always works, so I always make sure I configure the drill-down URLs correctly - and to prevent people trying to use the "Switch asset" dropdown box and become confused why it doesn't work, I just hide the toolbar using the "hidetoolbar" URL parameter. All displays hide the toolbar except the top level, entry/overview display.



A feature of PI Vision is that once you've specified to hide the toolbar using a URL, this URL param will be appended to any other links the user clicks. Now the problem is that I have a link to the top level overview display in all my sub-displays, and this means this display will be shown without the toolbar. I would like to always have the toolbar available on this display, but hidden in the others. I believed the "hidetoolbar" URL param was implemented as a boolean value, so I tried specifying "hidetoolbar=false" inside the link to this overview display... without success. The link back to the overview does NOT include "hidetoolbar" when specified inside each of the sub-displays.


Is it possible to achieve?