how do I programatically set text symbol object on a processbook graphic

Discussion created by proberts on Dec 22, 2011
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1. I've started with an empty processbokk display and inserted a trend.


2. I've created a text object on the form and entered "xxx" in the box.


I've gone into design mode and in the properties box (bottom left of the window), there is a drop-down box where I can select an object. Trend1 id listed but Text1 isn't.


I've tried a simple macro that attempts to assign text  "abc" to the ThisDisplay.text1.text property but it complains that method or data object is not found.


Hovering the cursor over the text box indicates its name is "Text1" (actually its displayed in square brackets thus [Text1] )


I've tried Text1.caption="abc"


I've tried Thisdisplay.text1.Caption="abc"


and nothing works.


any suggestions please?