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Permissions reduced with new Identity

Question asked by ebelaski on Nov 8, 2017

Hello PI Square team,

Here is a unusual PI situation. I have created a development environment on a single machine which has PI AF, PI Archive and PI UFL Connector all on one machine. I was testing the UFL connector when I made the mistake of creating an Identity (PIGuys) and Trust tied to the Windows Group "PI Connector Administrators" on the same machine. This machine is on a domain. Once I created this Identity and Trust I lost all write privileges on the PI Archive. My domain user is in the "piadmins" group so I am surprised that this does not override the Identity.


I have tried using PISDK utility (Connections > Options) to revise the Authentication Procedure but I am always logged into the PI Archive via the PIGuys trust. Unfortunately, this Identity does not have the permission to delete the Trust and Identity which is what I would like to do.

I have attached a screen shot of the Windows group and of the error message I receive anytime I go to an area in SMT that I do not have access to. At this point I do not have access to create points on the PI Server as well as other admin functions.


Any suggestions on how I can Login to SMT or directly on the PI server without being associated with that Identity?

Thanks for any help on this.


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