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Writing NoData to attribute with future data tag behind it.

Question asked by Hans_Drost on Nov 9, 2017
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Hello all,


I want to write the system digital state "NoData" to a tag via an attribute in AF.

Current situation is that I write a couple of values to AF attribute, of which one is a NoData digital state.


I add the values to a list, send the list to AF, all data is set correctly to the correct time stamp, except for the NoData items.

To add the NoData to the list of future data values I use the following code:

AFValues.Add(new AFValue(AFAttribute, AFSystemStateCode.NoData, DateTime));

This results in no NoData writen in the tag at the set date time with the following command:

AFListData.UpdateValues(AFValues, AFUpdateOption.Insert);

Am I missing something? Cant I write NoData to future tags?


Kind regards,