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    PI system for Terminal Automation System


      Dear Sirs,

      We need the overview on PI system apply for Terminal Automation System. Please share with us the reference Architecture and Design for TAS

      Many Thanks!


      Phat Minh

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          Hello Minh,


          Please see this page for a very general overview of the PI System as data infrastructure. Based on industry and or use case, one of the initial challenges is identifying the data collectors (please see PI Interfaces & Connectors) based on communication standards supported by existing equipment (data producers). Of interest for the end users are functionality and features offered by Visualization and Reporting tools.


          Can you talk about what specific business challenges you are trying to solve e.g. what devices you like to collect data from?

          You may want to start the conversation with an account managers or a system engineer. Please let us know if this is the case and we will connect you.