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Interface level failover trigger tag

Question asked by mkoyuncu on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Arpit

We want to setup an interface level UniInt failover. There are two redundant OPC server and each one of them is connected an interface. Also we are using Softing Datafeed OPC tunneler between the OPC and Interface node. Our problem is when the one of OPC server not running, on the interface node we see its status always running neverthless if the OPC Server is not reachable or similar. Because of that Interface cannot handle failover mechanism. The device status is always "Good" when we get bad value for all of tags. /RP=100 in interface "bat" file but it doesn't work. We have tried a couple of version for opcint.exe but it didn't change.

Here is my question, is there any trigger tag selection for interface level UniInt failover like server level watchdog tag? I have searched on techsupport but didn't find anything.