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    PI DataLink - Compressed Data, Invalid Expression Syntax


      Dear Community,

      please, advise:

      PI DataLink 2017 x64 - Compressed Data,

      if "Filter expression (optional)" == "1 m" or "1 minute" or "1 h" or "1 hour" or something similar,

      after clicking "Apply", it says "Invalid Expression Syntax".


      question: how to get Compressed Data filtered for every minute or every hour or for some similar time interval?


      MS Windows 10 Enterprise x64

      PI DataLink 2017 x64 and PI DataLink 2017 x86

      MS Excel 2016




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          Hi Yermek,


          I believe the function you want to use is Sampled Data and not Compressed Data. You can specify the tie interval with the syntax 1s, 1m, 1h (decimal possibles) and 1d, 1w, 1mo (decimals not possible).


          Hope this helps,


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              To add on to what Sebastien is saying, filter expressions are used to filter expression in a PI DataLink function to filter recorded values with a Boolean performance equation. PI DataLink removes data for which the expression evaluates as false. Documentation

              The Sampled Data function returns evenly-spaced, interpolated values for a PI point or PI AF attribute over a regular interval. Documentation


              As mentioned, you will want to use Sampled Data function. Also, note that the help menu in DataLink is contextual, so if you click on a function then hit F1, the help menu will open for that specific function, where you can read some more on what to enter in the various fields.



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