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    Search Engine for my company assets


      Hi There,


      One of my dreams that I want to bring to my company's employees is to have a Google like interface where users can search with English words and receive results from AF and connected assets' info from other systems. I saw a demo for Power BI using something similar; the question is, do you have ideas on which technology is better to serve this purpose as while trying to think big I imagine that search results - like Google - could return different types of data like documents, images that maybe related to the search subject. What about SharePoint?

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          Dan Fishman

          I remember Oliver Yu mentioning posting about his company Zymergi using the application Zooms to search a PI System a few back.  Also, in the past there were a few great OSIsoft hackathon entries around natural language such as this one PIBot – Hackathon 2016, a Natural Language Interface to the PI System, by Lonnie Bowling and his team.  I think there are a lot of cloud services that could be used to index the PI System and searching.  The PI Web API does have search built into it using a search service that I have heard is under a rewrite.  I hope it will enable more advanced searches of the PI System.

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            Lonnie Bowling

            Thanks for the mention Dan! Emad, your dream is totally possible. I have recently used the amazon echo to access data in a PI system. Microsoft, Google, and Amazon all have natural language services that you could integrate in a focused application. I suggest you start with something very limited to get a feel for how it would work, after that you can expand. For example, with the echo, you can ask it what the overall summary of all the assets and then ask it about how any individual asset is performing. After showing this to people, there were a lot of suggestions and idea of what they thought might be interesting. It is very cool stuff!



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