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Creating PI tags by using part of another attribute in the same element

Question asked by Dan_Ogden on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by dasmith

I am trying to set up my templates to automatically create PI Archive tags.  I already have an attribute in the same element that has all the numeric components of the tag that I need.  I am unsure of how to parse a string in the tag name box to get only the portion of the string I need.  I have tried to use the mid function, but it returns an error.  I am not using the correct syntax in the tag builder (it is different from the string builder, but I can't find a quick reference as to how it is different).  I've also tried to pull the bits of the tag name together by pulling the attributes into the tag name.  This also does not work since some of the attributes are part of the parent element (not a parent template, but the instantiated element).  This is also throwing me an unsupported character error.