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    Failed EF Attribute capture for Formula based data reference


      Hi There,


      To control the number of decimal points for attributes in notification, I created another set of attributes that are setup as formulas using the base attributes and the 'roundfrac' function. Values appear OK on element's attributes view, however, while back-filling EF I get the event frame created but with error for EF attribute values and error message 'Unknown attribute xxx in configuration of formula...' Please see screen shots. I flagged the base attribute for the formula as 'hidden' as the one based on the formula would be enough and I thought this is the cause of the error, but removing the hidden flag didn't solve the issue. Any ideas, please.



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          Dan Fishman

          Using the string builder data reference, you could use " '.\Elements[.]|_TWS'; ".     This means, use the event frames primary referenced element and grab the value of the TWS attribute.  To me, it looks like you are not referencing the element collection associated with the event frame.  Using AF Analysis or whatever the latest name is, the primary referenced element is always the element on which the analysis was generated, so the .\Elements[.] part is common when working with AF Analysis. You also could try " '.\Elements[.]|_%attribute%'; " to substitute in the name of the attribute for each your Event Frame attributes!