Data import from PI historian(newbie)?

Discussion created by BenSmith on Dec 30, 2011
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Hello there,


Some of our customers were using PI historian( i assume it refers PI Server?) and want to import data from the PI historian directly in to our application.


So we want develop an import interface using PI native support(PI SDK) through that, users can directly connect to PI historian and import the data.


Now the problem is, we dont have access to any of the PI servers and  dont have much idea about PI points, tags, notifications except the theory knowledge.


I already downloaded PI SDK and installed in my machine, now how i should proceed further?


My understanding about this task is(Please correct me if i'm wrong), 


1. Connect to the PI server (aka PI historian?)


2. List out all the available tags( what if there are thousands of tag, performance wont be problem while traversing through all? )


3. Connect to the user selected tag and import the associated PI data points


Please clarify my doubts and thanks for your help :)