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    Connection switch from secondary to primary server


      Hi All,



      I have few displays, which are connected to primary PI server and once primary PI server goes down/maintenance, the displays automatically switches to secondary PI server (as expected).

      However, once the Primary PI server comes back online, the displays are still pointed to secondary PI server.


      I have a priority set for primary in PI SDK member setup.


      Shouldn't it automatically switch back to primary PI server as soon as its back online?



        • Re: Connection switch from secondary to primary server

          Hi Shafquet,

          This is the intended behavior of the PI Data Archive high availability. The connections will not fail back from the secondary server to the primary again unless the connection to the secondary server is broken, even if the the priority is set for the primary member in the PI SDK. The goal behind this is avoiding unnecessary failover from one member to the other. Additionally, since both should have the same replicated data from your interfaces and the displays should result in identical data so in the end it shouldn't matter which Data archive member you're connecting to.