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    Buggy roll up?


      I have an AF structure in place where I retrieve my data on the lowest level and start aggregation this data a level higher with the roll up functionality.

      Concept of roll up is pretty clear to me. Implementation was successful... but the roll up doesn't seem to function as expected for 1 instance of my template.



      On the lowest level, I retrieve my value for 'Power unavailable' - 350MW is the expected value. This value is retrieved from an SQL database.



      One level higher, I don't get the expected result of 350MW. Although I'm using the roll up functionality. Let's have a look on the roll up settings...



      I selected that the roll up is applicable on the child nodes. The tagname is correct. And my output is mapped to the destination attribute - which has a PI point reference.

      It's getting really weird when I press the 'Evaluate' button as I get the expected result on both 'Evaluation time' and 'Last trigger time'.

      When I start 'Preview' result by right clicking the analysis, I also get the expected result. When I start backfilling, the expected result is calculated and written to the PI-tag but when the analysis is triggered the first time after backfilling... The wrong value appears again.


      Is anybody familiar with an issue like this? Is there any solution? Any help is welcome...


      Best regards,


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          I just found this post: https://pisquare.osisoft.com/thread/13026

          As my input is also stepped, I decided to change the analysis frequency from periodic 1 minute to 'Event triggered' and the problem was solved. I need to do some further investigation and will post my findings afterwards.


          Please fill free to add your comments or experiences...

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              Rick Davin

              Hi Roy,


              Glad you solved your own problem.  I want to compliment you on asking a nice question - you provided detailed information in a well organized manner.  But you didn't just ask and then do nothing.  While waiting for others to review and possibly answer, you continued searching for clues.  GOOD FOR YOU.  Sometimes you may not find that answer.  In this case you did, but the important thing is you kept trying.