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Templated Rollup on Formula / Analysis DataReference

Question asked by Christof on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Kenji Hashimoto

Hello everybody,


I currently have a (atleast I believe) pretty trivial problem, unfortunately I cannot get this to work with af analysis and rollups.

I have an Element Template that reprents a pipe. Each pipe has certain static parameters (like length, diameter etc., plain attributes). Using an AFAnalysis I calculate a static pressure drop coefficient, again stored in an attribute.


All I want to do now is create a Rollup which calculates the sum of this calculated value. The structure of the pipe looks like this (so there can be branches):



     - Pipe 11

          - Pipe 111

          - Pipe 112

     - Pipe 12

          - Pipe 121



My Idea was that each pipe simply has a RollUp for its child pipes pressure values. Then it adds it's own pressure value to the child values of the Rollup, which then serves as the RollUp Value for the Parent Pipes.

To illustrate my issue:


My Problem:

The Analysis works great, the RollUp shows no errors and evaluates correctly. However, the Attribute always says Calc Failed. There are no errors on the Analysis.



(As a side note, the PI System Explorer sometimes crashes with a NullReference Exception when opening an Element.)

(on PI System Explorer 2016 R2 SP1, AF Server 2016 R2, PI Analysis Service 2016 R2)


Does anybody know if this is even possible to do? Cascaded RollUps with Analysis and Formulas?


Thanks in Advance!