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Does anyone have experience with server clustering? How highly available is it?

Question asked by Heather on Nov 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by rschmitz

Our systems were recently upgraded, but we took a pass on server clustering; it was our understanding that F5 load balancing was potentially in the future for notifications and analytics. I've followed up with tech support, and it seems OSI may be no longer considering F5 load balancing for analytics and notifications.


For this reason, we're reconsidering server clustering, but have a couple questions for anyone who has experience with this:


How highly available is the cluster? I'm under the impression that you will still have an application outage for server clustering, because the service only runs on one server at a time with clustering. The only difference is that the application will automatically start up on another server if the current "primary" box is unavailable. However, you'll still have to wait for the application to start up on the other box.


What triggers failover to another server? Are there settings that are configurable? We don't necessarily want analytics failing over too frequently, especially with the amount of time that auto-backfilling takes.