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    RtReports: Trend a AF analysis




      I've calculated the LO and HI limit as a AF analysis and now I want to show them in RtReports in a trend. But when I try to show the limits I see this:



      I don't know if the result of a AF analysis needs a concret configuration to be displayed in a trend.


      In other side, I have the SP value and the desviation alarm. For this reason I calculate the LO-HI limit in AF. Maybe there is another method to display limits in RtReports.


      Thanks a lot in advanced.



      Julio Flores

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          Dan Fishman

          What is the data reference type?  Is the analysis writing to a PI Point or is it an on-demand style expression.  I don't recall if other data references are support yet.  My guess is, that RtReports only will work with no data references and PI Points for now.

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              Hi Julio,


              I wanted to add to Dan's point.  At this current time, the most recent version of RTReports (4.0) can only trend PI Tags.  We currently do not have the capability to use AF Attributes outside of calling the PI Tags directly.


              Therefore, if you are leveraging AF Analytics, you need to output the results of the analysis to a PI Tag Data Reference.


              This is a heavily requested feature and is will be included in the next release of RTReports (4.1) coming Late Summer 2018.


              For more details, please take a look at the RTReports roadmap:

              RTReports - Roadmap Details



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                  Thanks for the response !


                  I have in two different PI Points the setpoint and the desviation alarm for a one temperature. So, I've calculated using AF analysis de LO and HI limits.



                  Temperature SP, Temperature D, Humidity SP and Humidity D are PI Points (real data) with Float32 DataType.

                  Temperature Min, Temperature Max, Humidity Min and Humidity Max are also PI Points that I've created for RtReports.


                  In RtReports I've linked de data like that



                  Thanks a lot !!

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                Dan Fishman

                From what I understand, RtReports can use AF Attributes but not take advantage of element attributes.  For example, RtReports can read EF attributes from various journal actions such as the Batch Interface Framework.