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    Trust with API Connection name




      I have an interface running on an interface node. I have set up a Trust towards the PI Data Archive, with the Interface node IP Address and a PI Identity. This works OK. In addition I would like to keep the trust for this Identity available only to one instance of the interface. So I added an API connection name, and put this name in the "Application Name" property of the Trust. Now the server refuses the connection, saying that explicit login is required for this connection. The interface node is not on the same domain as the PI Data archive, so explicit login is a bit tricky.


      How can I solve this? The plan is to have several other interfaces and instances of the same interfaces, and I do not want to use the same PI Identity for all instances.

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          Hi Olav,


          With your open trust, open up the Network Manager Statistics and find the actual API connection name. There is generally a "E" appended at the end. Meaning that if your interface has "opci" set, then the trust will need to be set up for "opciE".

          Also note that if you are using the PI Buffer Subsystem, then only the buffer will be writing to the points so it will not be possible to have different identities writing to the tags.

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              Thank you, I was missing the E, I will test that. This trust is on the Source Server of a PI to PI interface, so I only need to read the tags.


              On a Side note, I am having trouble using a different identity than piadmin on the receiving (Host) PI data archive. I have tried giving read/write access on the module database %OSI under Operation and also to PI Modules under database security, but PI ICU will only show the connection as read only, and the interface fails to start. With piadmin as trust identity, everything works as it should. It fails to initialize, and since I only get read access, I cannot enable Uniint debugging. Any tips?