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Deployment and version control for AF Development

Question asked by hrana on Nov 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Roger Palmen

I wanted to ask the community on how you guys are maintaining development and deployment across different AF environments. In my organization, we have Development à Test à Production AF environments. Multiple developers work on development AF server to make changes. Once the solution is ready, we migrate the entire AF structure through Excel in QUT. Once it passes the QUT testing, we deploy it to Production via Excel as well.


Often time we struggle on identifying the changes that have been occurred since last deployment as there are multiple developers working on it and find it difficult on keeping the list of changes. Hence, we end up migrating the entire structure to include all the changes. We find this process crumble some and error prone.


Is there an effective way to implement version control on AF server? How do we compare two databases across different AF server to identity a delta and only import the changes?


One solution I was thinking of to develop custom AFSDK application that fetches the entire AF structure on daily bases (similar to format we see on PIAFBuilder) and storing them in SQL server. This serves as a version control and could be used to identify changes that have occurred during development period.