HTML Delivery channel example doesn't work

Discussion created by MBanchuzhnyy on Jan 13, 2012
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Hello all, 


I'm trying to figured out how HTML delivery channel works from Notification SDK examples. When I try to input any symbol here: 




I see the warning:  "FileName cannot contain any of the following characters: System.Char[] " . I could not even leave the delivery channel property pane... Then I found in code this place (which generates the exception) and just commented it. After that I could input any stuff in textbox, but when I try to subscribe some notification to this delivery channel or either If I push the "Test" button, it shows me another warning:




Since I can debug it, I wen through all the code in run time and could not find any problem.  Exception is located in HTML.cs file here:

internal string FileName
                // get the value from the config string helper
                return _configStringHelper.GetValue(FileNameProperty);
                // ************* ERROR IS HERE ***************
                if (value == null || value.IndexOfAny(_invalidChars) >= 0)
                    throw new ArgumentException("FileName cannot contain any of the following characters: " + _invalidChars);

                if (_configStringHelper.SetValue(FileNameProperty, value))
                    // if the value changed, we save the configuration changes



What can be wrong here? Did anybody install this html delivery channel example?


I use Windows Server 2008R2 and all recent version of PI products.


Thank you in advance.