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Is it possible to hide some selected elements in an AFTreeView?

Question asked by RalfBorowski on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by rdavin

I have tried adding categories to the elements where parents are in a category called "Area" and children are in an area called "Test",  used the FilterBy(db.ElementCategories.Item("Area")) method on the database and then made the result set the AFTreeView.AFRoot. Unfortunately this shows all children as long as the parent has the "Area" category. I was hoping for a 'visible' or 'hidden' property that I could set iteratively but haven't found anything yet. Any suggestions?

A subset of my hierarchy looks like this:

Process Area 1

     Sub Area 1

          Test 1

          Test 2

     Sub Area 2

          Test 3

      Sub Area 3

          Sub Area 4

               Test 4

               Test 5

          Sub Area 5

               Test 6


I want the users to be able to select the Sub Areas, but not to see the Tests. Selecting a sub area will dynamically create a separate form with all of the attributes of the tests in the selected sub area; showing the tests on the tree view makes the display more complex than it needs to be.


Any ideas for this? Worst case is to iteratively construct a custom list that doesn't include the "Test" entries and then display that list in a standard .net TreeView, but there must be a better way....


TIA for any help or suggestions.