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ProcessBook Crashing When Executing Code Via IDE; Not Crashing When Triggered By DataUpdate Event

Question asked by KOEPKEJR on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by KOEPKEJR

We have a ProcessBook file which contains a large portion of our PI-related displays.  Recently we made some bulk changes where we replaced ~150 Dataset-populated Values to instead use tags written to by AF analytics.  Note, that these values are simply displaying tags and not using AF syntax. 


The entire process was difficult since ProcessBook became unstable when programmatically adding Values with Multistates.  PB would crash when opening displays or even during code-execution.  We were finally able to make the changes that resulted in a (so we thought) stable version of the tool.


Unfortunately, we are again seeing strange behaviors.  We have code triggered on the display Open event and various DataUpdate events.  This code works without issue.  However, when we run the same code again (e.g. Display_Open) manually through the IDE ProcessBook crashes.  We made a new Sub with only a Debug.print statement and it crashes PB too.


Any thoughts or advice would  be much appreciated.




Joel Koepke