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    AF SDK Interpolated Values OutOfMemory


      Hi everyone,


      I am getting a strange error recovering data from PI for big data recovery.

      The application recovers data for 1131 tags from 1-1-2017 to 28-11-2017, interpolated at 10 minutes sampling interval.


      It works fine for 527 tag, but from the 528 on it gives an OutOfMemory error. AF SDK version is 2.9 (but it is the same with 2.8).



      The application is compiled as Any CPU on a 64 bits machine.


      Any idea what this could be due to?

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          Rick Davin

          The problem tag is a Float64.  Are any of the previous 527 tags also Float64?  For instance, if they were all Float32 then they would use less memory than a Float64, even though they would have the same number of AFValues (around 47808).


          The other thing is: are you saving the results to another collection?  I see an object named Data2Return but it is obscured in the image.  For each tag being processed, is it's data being added to Data2Return?  You might say "But the exception is thrown on the preceding InterpolatedValues call." But that would mean that Data2Return is taking up memory for the first 527 tags that the call for the 528th fails.

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