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PI SMT Feature Request - Add edit PI Tag to Current Values

Question asked by Darren.Herman on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by matthew.bauder

Hello OSISoft, I have a feature request.

Many times I have been in SMT and looking at current values.  But some of the values are not correct, I have to copy the name of the PI tag, go to Point Builder, either search for the PI tag or start to type the PI tag in search and then populate the tabs with the PI tag details.  Or option #2 is to export current values to CSV, open the CSV file, copy & paste the PI tag to PI builder.


Here is my feature request: In PI SMT -> Data -> Current Values, if we want to edit the PI tag - can you add at the bottom of the context menu "Edit PI Tag".  Once you have a PI tag highlighted, the context menu has this new option.  When you click on the "Edit PI Tag", it immediately pops you over to the Point Builder and populates the tabs with the PI Tag details.


Once the user clicks on the line with a valid PI tag and they click edit, SMT switches over to the Point Builder and the selected PI tag is added to the list of current PI tags & is being edited in the PI Tag tabs.


Thanks for any potential value of this feature - hopefully my fellow PI Admins will chime in on this