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    Calculation Issues with Pi AF Analysis


      I have the following calculation which runs every night at midnight to calculate the utilisation of an asset:



      When this calculates at midnight, the value is always close to 1, indicating that the asset is always available, when the actual utilisation is usually between 80-90%. When I evaluate this calculation the next day or backfill the calculation again, the value will change to the correct value, indicating that the calculation is working as it should.


      I don't really want to backfill the calculation everyday to get the correct value to come through. Does anyone know what the issue could be or if I need to modify the calculation?

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          Hi Mitchell,


          I don’t really know why the calculation would have a different outcome, but as a work-around you might want to try:

          (86400-(TimeEq(‘Run Status’, ‘y’, ‘ ‘t’, 0)))/86400

          Set the triggering not at midnight but for instance 1 AM and the Output Time Stamp to Relative to Trigger Time (*-1h)

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            If some additional data comes in after the trigger time of the calculation, then the results could differ (ie. some data at 12:30 come in timestamped for the previous day). If that is the case, then I would suggest running the analysis later.


            For example, you could run the analysis at 6AM (periodic) but to look at the data of the previous day. The trick here would be to use the Advanced Options in the scheduling parameter to have the output still set to midnight:


            Hope this helps,