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Backfilling with PItoPI only goes 14 days

Question asked by confusedME on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2017 by Sidh

I've got a testing server with about 3 months worth of data for approximately 350 tags that I'd like to back fill to the production server. I setup the PItoPI interface on the testing server and set it up for history recovery only.


Next, I changed the point source of a single tag on the production server to the PItoPI interface on the testing server and the back fill began immediately. The problem is that it only back filled back to 11/1/17 @ 12:03AM (approximately two weeks of back filled data) despite the interface "History time range" being set for the full 3 months. I've tried the same method with multiple tags and they all back fill to around the same time stamp. I looked at the archive editor on the testing server to make sure there wasn't some anomaly that occurred around that time and I don't see anything wrong with the data prior to 11/01/17.


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