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Random "Configure" from SNMP Interface Points

Question asked by Fiannax on Dec 1, 2017
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I'm trying to develop an IT Asset Monitor using  PI SNMP Interface and PI AF in wich I created some templates.

Problem is, when I create instances for different device from the same element template sometimes happens that some Attributes are in "Configure" and this happens apparently ramdomly (happened in 3 devices out of 14 in the last plant).

Some of the most recurrent Attribute with this issue are "hrProcessorLoad", "hrStorageDescr", "hrStorageSize" and "SysName". I changed "scan class" to a new one, I even tried changing the "scan frequency" (1sec, 30sec, 1min) with no result. Net-SNMP and OiDVieW are able to read these OIDs with no problem.

Do you have any suggestion? Has anyone already encountered this problem?