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    Random "Configure" from SNMP Interface Points



      I'm trying to develop an IT Asset Monitor using  PI SNMP Interface and PI AF in wich I created some templates.

      Problem is, when I create instances for different device from the same element template sometimes happens that some Attributes are in "Configure" and this happens apparently ramdomly (happened in 3 devices out of 14 in the last plant).

      Some of the most recurrent Attribute with this issue are "hrProcessorLoad", "hrStorageDescr", "hrStorageSize" and "SysName". I changed "scan class" to a new one, I even tried changing the "scan frequency" (1sec, 30sec, 1min) with no result. Net-SNMP and OiDVieW are able to read these OIDs with no problem.

      Do you have any suggestion? Has anyone already encountered this problem?




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          Steve Boyko

          "Configure" is usually an indication that the address is incorrect. Check the PI message log on the computer hosting the PI-SNMP interface for more detail. Verify that the tag has precisely the same format that you are using in OiDVieW or Net-SNMP.

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            First off, I would double check the tag configuration and make sure that the OIDs are correct. You can then edit the Location5 of the tags which will enable tag-level debugging.

            From the User Guide:

            You do not need to stop and restart the interface after changing location5. Note that the interface takes up to two minutes to detect changes to point configuration.

            With the additional debugging, you should be able to see where it fails. If possible, you may want to restart the interface to cause the interface to make a connection to the device and print out the error. If you can't restart the interface, then you can simply wait and then consult the SDK logs.

            Feel free to share part of your logs here, if you don't fully understand the errors being thrown or contact Tech Support



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              Thank you for your suggestions. I just realized that the indexes of the OIDs relative to the hrProcessorLoad were wrong; editing the OIDs i realized that also the other "configure" have disappeared automatically.

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                Little OT about this protocol, I noticed a reindex in the CPU related OIDs after a reboot of the pc, do you know the reason why this happens? Is there any way to keep always the same indexes?