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Share your interesting links!

I thought it would be nice to start a topic where we can share interesting links with our fellow vCampus members.


If you are like me, and you are always on the look out for interesting articles, you tend to come across interesting stories, pictures or video's that you may want to share with your fellow PI geeks.




Some pointers for posting links...


Please do:

  • Post interesting links to news articles, blogs, video's, etc.
  • Use your best judgement in sharing a topic: programming, technology or science related is always good. If you are not sure if something is appropriate, please contact me or one of the vCampus Team members. 
  • Something funny that's somehow 'geek' related can be very appropriate! It doesn't have to be all serious.
  • Post to the most original source you can find. Blogs tend to reference other blogs, and so on.
  • Put the file type in the description/title if it is other than HTML (e.g. [PDF] or [IMAGE])
  • Post a simple description or link title. 

You can do this by using the 'Use Rich Formatting' link in your reply box




And then you can type your description/title, select it, and use the 'insert/edit link' button. You can fill in the link address and click 'Insert'






Please don't:

  • Start big discussions here. If you feel like discussion the topic of a submitted link, start a new discussion thread and include the link. It's always nice to credit the original submitter for finding the article/video/blogpost.
  • Submit anything that could be considered offensive.



Happy link submitting!