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Why is single quote listed twice as a not allowed character for a tag name?

Question asked by EvanL on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2017 by jru

Looking at PI Data Archive 2017 System Management Guide (3.4.410 2017-Apr-19), page 68 (describing legal tag name characters), it states:

• Control characters, such as linefeeds or tabs, are not allowed.

• The following characters are not allowed:

* ' ? ; { } [ ] | \ ` ' "

These restrictions do not apply to other tag attributes, such as the descriptor.

Why is single quote (' or 0x27) listed twice in the list?  Is this a typo that has been carried forward? Is there another character which is not allowed that got missed due to a different font?  Is it part of an escape sequence?


I just want to make sure that our list of characters NOT to use is correct.


Thanks for responding.